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2Wire, Inc.
2Wire was founded in 1998 by former members of PictureTel and Polycom. 2Wire integrated broadband solutions are engineered for the carrier and optimized for the subscriber, providing intuitive, reliable user experiences throughout the connected home. 2Wire po....
Accton Technology Corporation
Accton Technology was founded in 1988. Accton Technology designs and manufactures networking and communication products for computer and telecom equipment vendors. Its products include Ethernet switches and adapters, fiber-to-the-home equipment, network interf....
Adax, Inc.
In 1982, Adax was founded in Berkeley, California. At the time, Adax was selling X.25 data communications solutions to Unisys, and the OEM arrangement required Adax to supply TCP/IP for the Defense Department’s Data Network. Since then, Adax’s product line....
Adept Systems Inc.
Adept Systems Inc. was established in 1994. Adept Systems is owned by its officers, including co-founders Samuel Smith (president) and Stanley Dunn (VP). Adept Systems provides products for networked-control systems, including gateways, routers, and network in....